Reduced and only online classes for July!
Reduced and only online classes for July!

What is Iyengar Yoga?


Iyengar Yoga method was developed by BKS Iyengar in the early 1960s. From the beginning, Iyengar Yoga develops strength, stamina, concentration, coordination, flexibility, and more.  Using physical alignment as a starting point, Iyengar Yoga encourages the spread of intelligence throughout the body, the growth of self-awareness, and an experience of the asanas as a form of “meditation in action.” 


Iyengar Yoga teaches observation, patience and gives confidence.  Our method also includes practice of inversions in accordance with individual needs and capacity.  Iyengar yoga is a method of learning about your body, through your body, for your body, and for your mind.  The practice fosters consistency, dedication and attention.



Why you should consider Iyengar Yoga?


There is no need to be able to touch your toes, or be young, strong or have cool clothes.  The practice of the Iyengar Yoga method starts with physical alignment, allowing students to penetrate beyond the outer, physical layers and explore the inner layers of mind, energy, and spirit.

  • You are looking to improve your yoga practice
  • You are new to yoga
  • You are looking to have a practice that will gain you stability, strength, flexibility and greater body awareness
  • You are recovering from an injury and/or working with a physical limitation, and are looking to regain strength and mobility
  • You want to learn and practice inversions safely

Invocation to Sage Patanjali


OM... OM... OM...

Yogena cittasya padena vacam

Malam sarirasyaca vaidyakena

Yopakarottam prvaram muninam

Patanjalim pranjaliranato’smi

Abahu purusakaram

Sankha cakrasi dharinam

Sahasra sirasam svetam

Pranamami Patanjalim

                                  Hari Hey Om


To the noblest of sages, Patanjali, who gave us yoga for serenity of mind, grammar for purity of speech and medicine for the perfection of the body, I salute. I salute before Patanjali whose upper body has a human form, whose arms hold a conch, and disc and a sword, who is crowned by a thousand headed cobra. Oh incarnation of Adisesa my humble salutations to thee.

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